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why us

You have the desire to take the next step and accelerate your company’s results. You’d like to revitalize your business with a fresh set of eyes, a dose of high energy and a positive catalyst for change. For this, i2CEO offers:

  • Strategic conversations with an experienced peer to navigate your opportunities
  • Aid and support for the "Accidental CEO"
  • Professional approaches to problem solving in generational family businesses
  • Supplementation of skills with the successful experience of others
  • Insightful analysis of day-to-day business issues
  • Assistance in achieving the success you desire

By utilizing i2CEO’s services, you will accelerate your professional efficiency and enhance your business expertise. You’ll learn new approaches and practical thought processes to problem solving. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of a partnership with no loss of financial control in your business while clearly mapping your company’s future with clear objectives.

Diverse business projects across many sectors benefit from i2CEO’s resources, including:

  • Opportunity assessment and due diligence for acquisition targets
  • Human integration of a strategic purchase or partnership
  • Strategic and profitable growth opportunity definition
  • Tactical approaches to product/merchandising decisions and supply chain navigation
  • Exit and growth strategy analysis, as well as inter-family business transition(s)
  • Sales, product plans, margin and expense planning
  • Human capital, compensation structure, role and responsibility re-engineering
a wall full of question marks