Claudia Hollingsworth, CEO

C-level executive Claudia Hollingsworth possesses a unique and successful background in both wholesale and retail markets, and combines full Profit and Loss responsibilities by embracing a penchant for sales, merchandising, marketing and product. Most recently, Hollingsworth was the steward of multichannel, luxury retail leader Gump's San Francisco.

As iconic Gump's CEO, Hollingsworth demonstrated financial prowess by facilitating the company’s fiscal turnaround. Under her leadership, she instilled profit-focused disciplines into her team as they engaged with and implemented controls to significantly improve the company’s cash position.

Her passion for the market, team building, product, merchandising and marketing in e-commerce and print, as well as in the Gump’s flagship store, were the cornerstone of her accomplishments. Improved sales, product margin increases of more than 200 basis points, and significant contribution margin growth in excess of 80% supplemented the historic company’s return to profitability.

Previously, Hollingsworth was President of H.D. Buttercup, Los Angeles’ largest and most eclectic home furnishings retailer. There, she bucked trends in the home furnishing world and spearheaded substantial, profitable sales growth; a 35,000 square foot expansion; and the opening of a second 35,000 square foot store while funding nearly 75% of its required capital from operations-generated cash.

Throughout her career, Hollingsworth has navigated entrepreneurship as a partner, as well as CEO and President. While working with a Paris- and New York-based niche jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor, Hollingsworth honed her skills in currency and precious metal commodity exchanges. While in the wholesale manufacturing sector, she was President and Director of Michael Anthony Jewelers, a $120 million American stock exchange company. She was also the Senior Vice President of OroAmerica, a $180 million publicly traded company, where her contributions to sales growth and product development led to an IPO and the premium-priced sale of the company. Berkshire Hathaway has acquired the companies since her involvement.

An enthusiastic, ethical professional, Hollingsworth has worked with companies employing up to 800 people; procured product in Asia, Europe and the United States; and gained experience manufacturing in the U.S., South America, Europe and the Caribbean basin. She has led a sales team who sold globally to more than 50 countries, and she has proudly supplied product to Wal-Mart, QVC, and Nordstrom, as well as other highly recognized leaders in American retailing.

Hollingsworth shares her experience and wisdom as an advisory member of New York’s LEVERAGEDWISDOM™, a peer-to-peer learning organization for CEOs of privately held businesses who want build the equity value of their enterprise while creating a better life/work balance. She is also a CEO Mentor and Fast Pitch Judge for the Los Angeles Women Founders Network, which connects women founders building high-growth businesses with the required capital, resources, connections, mentorship and sponsorship needed to grow successful, scalable businesses.

Hollingsworth possesses CEO moxie, an uncanny ability to synthesize information, and has clear, sharp business acumen. Moreover, she is a savvy business professional who thrives on building dynamic teams and extraordinary businesses. Hollingsworth designed and recently re-launched i2CEO to assist businesses and individuals more easily navigate ever-changing business landscapes and obtain competitive marketplace advantage.

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